CoLibrì System is the ideal solution for protecting any book. Being able to cover the books they are about to buy is an opportunity that avid readers will greatly appreciate

Water and other liquids, dust and dirt, scratches, neglect and light are some of the many factors that may damage books. CoLibrì is the ideal solution because nothing provides better protection than the soft, waterproof polyethylene from which the covers are made. They include PAT certification which provides total colour protection even in the see-through version and excellent 80% protection even of the part inside the cover.

All a sales assistant has to do is dedicate a few more seconds to the customer to whom they are selling a book to create a perfect CoLibrì cover.

The covering system is now complete with CoLibrì Printer, the printer with Bluetooth technology which allows you to quickly and easily customise any book and any other object from crayons to felt pens, rubbers, pencil cases or gadgets.

CoLibrì Perfecta simplifies and perfects your gift wrapping

How many customers ask you to gift wrap the books you sell?

Created for gift items and books and publications in particular, CoLibrì Perfecta gift wraps items in any colour in a matter of seconds and can add customisation with the logo for your store

Perfecta is compact, convenient and extremely easy to use. The problem of extra-long packages has finally been solved while all the stocks of rolls or bags in thousands of sizes and colours have been eliminated. Just one simple system and one product for all gift-wrapped packages.