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Colibrì System features

CoLibrì is an innovative, revolutionary system that offers the following exclusive advantages:


CoLibrì machines are internationally certified as complying with the strictest of safety standards.


CoLibrì machines and covers are non-toxic, eco-friendly and fully recyclable, so as to safeguard both users and the environment.


The rational, ergonomic, user-friendly design makes CoLibrì an extraordinary system able to combine maximum efficiency with outstanding performance.


Covering a book using CoLibrì System is an extremely inexpensive way to protect books or objects that may be particularly valuable, guaranteeing them a long life.


No other system in the world takes just 20 seconds to create a custom-fit cover for books of any type and size.


Covering a book using CoLibrì System is as simple as can be, requiring no particular effort or previous experience.


The CoLibrì machine can provide any type of book with a jacket made to measure – perfectly trimmed and accurately welded in order to guarantee top performance and maximum user-friendliness.


The special long-lasting, scratch-resistant material CoLibrì covers are made from guarantees outstanding protection even to books in use for long periods of time.


CoLibrì covers can be removed perfectly easily, leaving your book as new, and can be replaced with different-colour CoLibrì covers whenever you fancy a change.